Daily Mail, September 10, 2018:  Click here

The Jewish Views, October 24, 2018: An interview with Jack Hersch, author of Death March Escape. It begins at 17:40 into the recording: Click here

Publisher's Weekly, December 3, 2018:  "Hersch effectively uses his father’s unusual story to convey the horrors of the Holocaust. ...Jack is able to corroborate key details of his father’s account, narratively balancing his experiences in the present with family members’ recollections of the past...a valuable addition to Holocaust literature." 

Booklist, December 15, 2018:  "...This deeply personal and extremely informative portrait of a man of indomitable will to live...reminds us of why we must never forget nor trivialize the full, shocking truth about the Holocaust."

New York Post, January 13, 2019: Click here


Dave Hersch's Facebook page: Click here